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A number of aquatic shops are now offering discounts to Practical Fishkeeping magazine subscribers.

To claim your discount, please take the delivery sheet with your name and address on that came with July's subscription copy into the participating shop when you make your purchase.

You can get your PFK subscriber discount at the following stores:

  • Aquapets, Warrington
  • Aquatic Finatic, Northallerton
  • The Aquatic Habitat, Gloucester
  • Brookside Aquatics, Warwickshire
  • Cherry Hill Nurseries, Cleveland
  • Ely Aquatic Centre, Cambridgeshire
  • Natural World, Leicester
  • Nemo'z Aquatics, Essex
  • The Aquatic Centre, Edinburgh
  • The Little Fish Shop, Kent
  • Tranquillity Aquatic Centre, Essex
  • Tropicals and Marines, London
  • West Dorset Aquatics, Weymouth
  • Woodford Aquatics, London
  • Natureworld, Maltby
  • North East Marines, Tyne and Wear