'Stay out of the water!' Killer whales spotted 100 yards off Cornish coast


Experts issued a warning for surfers and bathers not to enter the water after two Killer whales were seen swimming just 100 yards off the coast of Padstow, Cornwall – just 15 miles from the popular surfing destination of Newquay.

The mother and calf have been seen by several people over the last 10 days and experts warned that there's a chance the whale may mistake a human for prey or even attack someone to protect her baby.

Peter Richardson, of the Marine Conservation Society, said: 'Obviously we wouldn't recommend getting into the water with a killer whale. They are enormous super predators and are therefore unpredictable.

"There is a pod of killer whales in Scotland and they could be travelling around the country.

"Not a lot is known about the movements of killer whales but the probability is they are here for food. There are plenty of seals along the south coast especially around Padstow and Newquay."

Tom Hardy, of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, said: "There were reports of a killer whale attacking a Basking shark in Cornwall years ago.

"But attacks on humans are extremely rare. You would be very unlucky to get attacked by one."

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