Star Fisheries open day, December 11


Fancy goldfish specialist Star Fisheries will be having an open day on Saturday December 11, 2010 between 9am and 5pm.

For those who haven’t been before, Star holds the largest selection of fancy goldfish in the UK.

High quality fish arrive regularly from China and English Nationwide Standards fish are also available and on sale directly to the public.

Latest arrivals include Panda orandas, Panda butterflies, Black ranchu, Tri-colour ryukin, Tri-colour orandas, and the much sought after and very rare Tosakin, as seen in PFK December 2010 issue.

If you have an interest in goldfish, either single tail or fancy varieties, but are frustrated with what is usually available, pay Star Fisheries a call.

Star Fisheries is based at: 94A Benhill Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3RX. Tel. 0208 9150455