Sparsholt College launches Masters in Applied Aquaculture and Sports Fisheries


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Sparsholt College is launching an innovative Fisheries Masters, the MSc in Applied Aquaculture and Sports Fisheries.

The combination of aquaculture and sports fisheries has not previously been offered at this level. From September 2014, The University of Portsmouth validated course will be available to study at the College’s renowned National Aquatics Training Centre and Salmonid Rearing and Trials Centre.
Explaining why there is an industry demand for this qualification Dr Neil Crooks, Fisheries Lecturer and Course Leader says: "There are currently a number of Aquaculture Master courses available elsewhere but nobody offers a course which also includes Sports Fisheries, Sustainable Fisheries Management or Marine Fisheries Management. We know from the industry that there is a demand for a catered sports fisheries element to the Masters."
The course is ideal for anyone looking to progress their career in aquaculture, sports fisheries or as a Government fishery scientists with organisations such as the Environment Agency or CEFAS, the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. The premise is that employers are now looking for high level qualifications and are recruiting on that basis.
Neil explains further: "With the focus on a sustainable secure food chain for the future population with more leisure time available, enhanced knowledge and training is required by both elements of the industry."
It is easy to see why the College is anticipating great demand for these courses; aquaculture accounts for more than half of the fish supply for human consumption whilst angling is the single biggest leisure industry in the UK with a value in excess of £4 billion annually.
The units covered are Applied Aquaculture, Sport Fishery Management, Sustainable Fisheries Management, Research Methods and a Dissertation. The course can be studied either over two years on a part-time basis or one year full time.
Sparsholt College has a national reputation for offering the best training for a career working with freshwater fisheries and fish farming, and exotic and ornamental fish. The outstanding facilities include the purpose built National Aquatics Training Centre, a newly built Salmonid Rearing and Trials Centre and the Sparsholt fishery.

For further information, visit the Sparsholt College website or call 01962 776441.

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