Sit in comfort on an octopus' head!


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If you were tempted to take the plunge, and fork out for the wonderfully odd octopus table we featured last November, then you may have been struggling since to find a suitably cephalopod themed seat to go with it.

Squid stools can be difficult to source at the best of times, as are cuttlefish couches, but in this, the second part of our occasional series on furniture based on octopuses, we offer you the perfect kraken companion piece to grace your living room!

There can't have been many of us who haven't, when looking at an octopus thought "that would make a really comfy chair" or glanced round our dinning room and pondered that nice though our Ikea dinner table is, it really would look better accompanied by a massive, black, leather upholstered chair shaped like an octopus...

Sadly this wish has previously gone unfulfilled, but now, thanks to Spanish artist Maximo Riera our prayers have been answered and all you need do now is find £35,000 to fill that giant octopus-sized hole in your life and home decor.


Maximo has been a practicing artist for over 30 years working in photography, painting and sculpture and the octopus chair is the first in a series of limited edition animal themed furniture, with Rhino and Walrus chairs already in production and Lion, Beetle and Whale designs still to come.

For more information on the artist and his creations have a look at his website.

If you missed the octopus table, you can see the article here.

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