Sims Tropical Fish thank customers for continued support throughout lockdown


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Sims Tropical Fish thank all of their customers for the continued support, particularly during these unprecedented times, as they completed their first year of trade. Plus, they are encouraging customers to stock their tanks now, in preparation for a long winter, and to avoid any disappointment.

Dear Aquarist,

At Sims Tropical Fish we have now completed our first year of trade and would like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for your continued support, particularly during these unprecedented times. It couldn’t have been much more challenging.

15,000 boxes of live fish delivered successfully across Europe in twelve months, the launch of Sims Tropical Dry Goods, hundreds of fish taken in at our new rescue centre, and all in the middle of a pandemic.

We have sourced fish this year from 28 different countries worldwide, and for those of you not familiar with our business model, we do all of this at the request of the customer. If there are any fish you are searching for, please have a look at our website with over 2,000 species available to order for collection or delivery. Should we not have what you are looking for listed the please contact us, we like a challenge.

As we move further into a second period of uncertainty, we have purchased an unprecedented amount of stock to see us all through until Christmas should things repeat. The first lockdown saw our volumes increase dramatically to over 100 boxes a day for live fish, with most tropical fish shops closed nationally and shipping suspended by others. Even with our large team, this demand all at once became unmanageable very quickly even without the obvious logistical issues. Without furloughing any staff previously, we will continue to ship throughout the UK and Europe once again, regardless of the challenges we are faced with this time around.

Following the government safety guidelines obviously in store and contactless deliveries at the doorstep. We are now preparing the best we can, and should things take another turn for the worse, then stocking your tank for a long winter now, would certainly be wise to avoid disappointment and help us ensure your order runs smoothly.

UPS are on board with us as well now for more challenging postcodes and have done an outstanding job for us already. Thirty five different European Countries, with all deliveries completed the next day is an incredible achievement.

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