Sea snail crawls out of boy's leg!


The parents of a four-year-old boy who cut his leg on a trip to the beach were shocked when a sea snail crawled out of the wound three weeks later!

Ken and Rachael Franklin, from Orange County, California, were on a weekend camping trip with their son, Paul, in July when the youngster tripped and fell over a rock, cutting his knee.

His parents cleaned up the wound, applied some ointment and stuck a plaster on it.

However, according to a report by, Paul's wound stayed swollen and on August 8, Rachael realised there was pus on his knee. She gave it a gentle squeeze - and a snail came out!

Paul's dad reckons a snail egg must have got into the wound and hatched out.

The Franklins christened the snail Turbo after the character from the recent DreamWorks movie, but unfortunately it died 24 hours after emerging from Paul's knee.

Paul's knee has now healed very well and he's fine.

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