Salt Ramp with Celestial Children is goldfish/nature aquarium/art combo


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Want to know what happens when you let an artist loose on aquariums? Feast your eyes on Salt Ramp with Celestial Children by Faith La Rocque

"Rich in natural materials, Salt Ramp with Celestial Children is a cedarwood ramp structure that holds approximately 1,000lbs of Himalayan salt tiles conjoined with a triptych of nature aquariums housing Bubble Eye goldfish and aquatic plants," says the blurb on website
"Two lighting systems are utilised to simulate sunlight: at one end solar lamps promote aquatic plant growth and at the other SAD therapy light boxes placed within the ramp structure produce a glowing effect through the Himalayan salt."
Healthy owners
"In the realm of alternative healing, Himalayan salt is used in halotherapy (hypertonic saline aerosol inhalation treatment) to counter EMF/EMR; purify the air naturally and increase feelings of contentment by emitting negative ions; cleanse the respiratory system; and quicken the elimination of toxins. With an aura of the sauna, the Salt Ramp is an upward-facing plane that emits the benefits of sea air.
"'Nature aquariums' are a popular style of aquarium design involving aquatic plants, rocks and driftwood and ornamental fish. While not typically used in nature aquariums, bubble eyes are a variety of captive-bred goldfish propagated for their extreme physical traits.
"With fragile fluid-filled pouches under eyes that can look only upward and a lack of dorsal fins, they are disabled swimmers without defences for survival. The bubble eyes are predestined to gaze at both the heavens and their keepers. The aquariums therefore demonstrate a personalised nature as contrived by humans.
"This work also draws on the delicate relationship between salt and goldfish: in small doses salt can treat goldfish for parasites, however in the event of direct contact the goldfish would be denatured/cured."
What we think!
The PFk team happened upon this tank while online one evening. At first it looks like some sort of skate board ramp attached to some aquariums. Keen aquascapers will note what looks like ADA solar I metal halide lighting and stands, so no expense spared, then, in true ironic artistic style, the nature aquarium aspect is juxtaposed with some of the most man made, non natural fish available - bubble eye goldfish.
Is it art?  We say yes.
Will it provoke comment from all sorts of different aquarium owners? Again, yes.
Do you love it or hate it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.