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Japanese food manufacturer Hikari is known the world over for its quality fish foods, and with it being the Koi show season here in the UK we thought we would take a look at their premium Koi brand — Saki Hikari.

The range is made up of Basic diet, said to promote development of a healthy, voluminous body, Colour enhancing diet - said to offer aggressive colour enhancement without ruining the pure white, Growth diet — to develop jumbo sized champions and Multi season for the cold weather months.

Saki Hikari includes a probiotic, Hikari Germ. This say Hikari, is unique, beneficial bacteria that overpowers bad bacteria within the intestine reducing it's propagation and ability to lethally infect your fish.

Additionally, the proprietary Hikari Germ also claims to accelerate the digestive process thereby improving absorption and reducing waste output.

Probiotics and prebiotics are big business in pet foods these days, and have transferred over from our foods. I'm naturally sceptical about such claims as its like the claims on those yoghurts which are said to make you feel better…

But despite that I used Saki on my own fish for over a year and can report very positive health, growth and colour, and with the last seven or so grand champions in the All Japan Show being fed it at least in part, there must be something to it.

The packaging looks and feels nice too!

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