Saki-Hikari fed to All Japan Grand Champion Winner 2013


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Saki-Hikari has been the food given to every All Japan Grand Champion koi since 2003.

The range has been developed to meet specific nutritional requirements for all stages of a koi's life with a focus on health, condition, colouring and form.
Saki-Hikari contains Hikari-Germ, a strain of Bacillus bacteria which becomes active in the koi's intestinal tract.
It creates beneficial digestive enzymes improving the digestive capacity of koi.
Hikari-Germ also supports the fish's own good bacteria and helps build up stronger natural defences.
Waste that is excreted is highly decomposed by the bacteria which in turn helps to maintain water quality, which is essential when breeding and raising koi, whilst reducing the load on the filter.
There are four diets in the Saki-Hikari range: Balance, Colour, Growth and Multi-Season.
Balance is a daily diet that promotes health, growth and desirable form.
Colour is rich in pure-cultured Spirulina and Zeazanthin and promotes vivid colour enhancements of the Hiban without negatively impacting on the Shiroji.
Growth includes a blend of lipids and other nutritional components to meet the natural omnivorous requirements, promoting growth and form.
Multi-Season is a highly digestible daily diet that provides growth and colour enhancement even during colder months.
The range is available in small, medium and large pellet sizes in pack sizes of 2kg, 5kg and 15kg.
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