Revolutionary new marine store opens in Suffolk


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Salty Revolution opened its doors just a few weeks ago, and now carries up to 500 marine fish in stock at any one time, along with hundreds of corals.

Salty Revolution is a completely new saltwater specialist shop, based in Mildenhall, Suffolk. It opened just a month ago, and is a partnership between James Goodchild (previously owner of Fishes and More in Mildenhall) and Dale Frankland (previously the owner of Aquatics Express in Norwich). 

The new store holds 40,000 litres of marine systems, including 165 square feet of coral bays, which James says makes it the largest marine only store in the UK. 

He tells us: “We carry 300-500 marine fish in stock at all times from over 100 different marine fish species, all of which are quarantined in store before being offered for sale. We also carry 30-50 species of inverts in stock, and many hundreds of corals. 

"We have also installed a 7500 l shark pool.

“In creating Salty Revolution we wanted to bring something revolutionary to the marine hobby. We stock a wide range of our own products, and run all our systems on a live bacteria dosing system we devised. We are passionate about ensuring we set the highest standards for the trade. 

“By the year 2020 over 25% of all the fish we sell will be captive bred specimens, and 50% of all our corals will by then be cultured by ourselves in store."

You can find Salty Revolution at 94d Hampstead Avenue, Mildenhall, IP28 7AS. 

Opening hours are:
Thursday: Midday to 10pm
Friday: Midday to 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 6pm
Closed Monday-Wednesday