Retailers offered free fish with new sales tanks


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John Allan Aquariums are offering a promotional deal that could give retail outlets an additional high margin revenue stream.

From January, it is offering retailers at least 100 (retail value) worth of coldwater or tropical fish absolutely free with every 1,000 spent on aquatic display units.

The company is a long-established manufacturer of retail displays for aquatics, birds, reptiles and plants.

It is also a major supplier of coldwater and tropical fish.

Managing director Allan Riley said: As a company we are proud to be not only a leading manufacturer of display aquarium units, but now a major supplier of wholesale quality fish.

This puts us in a unique position and we want to pass on this benefit to customers during these difficult trading times.

John Allan Aquariums have been manufacturing aquariums and specialist pet housing for more than 40 years at their premises at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

They offer a wide range of display units from a basic low-cost stack system to purpose designed floor-to-ceiling aquatic displays.

When John Allan receive an enquiry, customers are invited to see the aquatic systems in production and operation. Visitors can also view the range of coldwater and tropical fish in the aquariums and see how well the systems work.

The wholesale fish side of the business is headed by David Williams, a well-respected authority on fishkeeping in the trade.

He said: The ProTech units are complete with a separate drain and feed for each compartment to allow you to adjust the flow of water and enable you to isolate a single aquarium. Many options and extras are available including quality pumps, heaters, filter media skimmers.