Reef aquarium training course for retailers


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The first reef aquarium training course for retailers took place on March 2 at SAI Global, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

The course was written and delivered by Tim Hayes of Midland Reefs and the Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) and the day was very successful, with all delegates taking home their certificate, marine aquarium magazines and the 60-page course booklet which covers most aspects of working with marine livestock in a retail environment. Currently this booklet is only available to those attending the course. Hopefully it will be available for SAIA retailer members in the near future.

The one day course offers an intensive day's training on all aspects of marine systems, covering care in the aquatic shop, nutrition, maintaining healthy stock, species selection – fish, invertebrates, corals, equipping the customer, health and welfare, water quality, legislation and conservation.

The course is based on the Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association, Code of Best Practices.

The organisers hope to be running this course again some time in the autumn. To book your place, contact Rachel Woodwards at SAI Global on 01908 249934 or email [email protected]

Hobby course
Given the success of the course, Tim has been asked to prepare a version of the course aimed at hobbyists. Once the course has been written, a date will be announced for the inaugural course.

Expect the price to be in the same region as that of the retailer course, around £85.