Red Sea launches range of add-ons for Max 130


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Red Sea has launched a range of upgrades and consumables for the original Red Sea Max 130.

The new product range allows owners of the existing Max 130 to add some of the new features that are present on the new Max 130 Deluxe model, without the need to purchase a completely new aquarium. (See Red Sea launches new Max 130D)

Among the add-ons is an adjustable overflow box, which is designed to improve surface skimming and replaces the original filter inlet on the system.

A new surface-cooling fan, which "retro-fits" onto the back of the Max hood is also on offer to help reduce the running temperature of the systems.

This blows cool air from outside the tank into the hood and onto the water surface to reduce the surface water temperature through evaporative cooling.

A ventilation kit, which can be used on any aquarium cabinet, not just the Red Sea models, is available to add to the Red Sea Max cabinet. This unit, which runs from a low voltage transformer, boosts cabinet air flow, and is claimed to boost the efficiency and longevity of chiller units.

As well as these add-ons, the new Red Sea Max range includes consumable products, including high output 55W T5 power compact lights and Red Sea Max Carbon.

No prices were available at the time of publication.