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Manufacturer Red Sea is joining Arcadia s sales and distribution operation based in Redhill, Surrey.

The joint sales operation will start in November, with an expanded sales team able to offer comprehensive support and advice on both the Arcadia and Red Sea product ranges.

The current UK distribution of Red Sea s products by Interpet Limited has been terminated by mutual agreement. Red Sea products will continue to be available from Interpet Limited until 31st October 2009.

Red Sea say they offer a complete one-brand solution for Marine retailers and consumers, and have grown significantly; "largely due to the success of leading products such as the Red Sea MAX complete coral reef aquariums and its premium Coral Pro Salt."

Arcadia state that they are the UK s market leading aquarium & reptile lighting specialist. Recent developments have seen the launch of new products such as their OT2, OT2-LED and OT8 luminaires.

In a joint statement from Red Sea & Arcadia, the companies explained the benefits to everyone of the new partnership:

While both companies remain independent, there is a strong synergy between both the Arcadia and Red Sea brands. We already have a successful joint sales operation in mainland Europe and both brands are well known and respected in the UK market.

This new relationship will allow us to improve on key areas of our business such as retailer sales support, product training, delivery and customer service. Just as important in the current economic climate, the move generates efficiencies for both partners, allowing us to provide competitive pricing structures that benefit both retailers and consumers.

For further information, please contact:

Gavin Walker

Marketing Director, Arcadia Products plc

Telephone: 01737 723838