Reaseheath offers new aquatics courses


Reaseheath College in Cheshire has developed a new course to train ornamental fish retailers.

Lecturers at Reaseheath College have worked in partnership with Pets at Home and other industry groups to tailor the training offered on the course.

Dr Peter Burgess, who collaborated on the content of the course, said: "The new suite of aquatics training courses at Reaseheath College will deliver state-of-the-art knowledge of pet fish husbandry and welfare - ensuring that staff who work in aquaria and pet stores are fully trained and up-to-date with current practices.

"Reaseheath has an expert team of aquatics lecturers and modern facilities to deliver these important courses.

"This high level training will make a significant contribution to improving the welfare of ornamental fish within this country."

Residential workshopsThe course is available to staff at aquatic shops in the UK and abroad and is delivered through residential workshops and distance learning.

The course covers: marine and freshwater aquarium management; fish health and welfare, and customer services in the aquatics industry.

Graduates will receive a Level 4 Professional Certificate in Aquatics Management, which is validated by the University of Chester.

The training will be provided by lecturers Dave Hulse, who is a consultant to Tetra, and Dave Wolfenden, who is a Practical Fishkeeping contributor.

Hulse said: "This course is an excellent demonstration of colleges working with employers to provide cutting edge training specifically tailored to the needs of the industry. This type of partnership is very much encouraged by the government.

"We have had some extremely positive feedback from students on the initial trial courses. The highly participative style of the course engages them in the subject and they are hungry to learn more."

For more details on the course you can contact lecturer Dave Hulse on 01270 613293 or email him at [email protected].