Readers' Poll 2009 has 3462 prize fund


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We re expecting another record year as voting starts in the annual Practical Fishkeeping Readers Poll.

In what has become the aquarium industry s most prestigious awards, you get your chance to say which are best shops, the best specialist stores and which companies produce the best fishkeeping products.

This year we ve teamed up with the biggest names in the industry. Our sponsors Hagen, Tetra, Tropical Marine Centre, D-D The Aquarium Solution and Juwel have enabled us to offer what is our greatest yet Readers Poll prize fund!

We have a jaw-dropping 3,462 worth of prizes to be won and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one is to fill in the form to your right and cast your all-important vote.

The prize fund

There will be five prizes up for grabs, one from each sponsor, plus several runner-up prizes. Here s what you could win:


Juwel have over 35 years of experience in aquarium manufacturing and their state-of-the-art production line allows them to create top quality tanks.

n Juwel s main prize is a Vision 180 aquarium and cabinet kit, including heating, lighting and filtration.

Tropical Marine Centre

TMC have been Europe s leading supplier of marine livestock since 1970 and they produce a range of goods for marine and freshwater aquariums, as well as ponds.

TMC s first prize consists of an AquaBeam 1000 HD ultra light unit; AquaBeam digital controller; V2 Skim 400 protein skimmer; V2 Therm 300 aquarium heater and a V2 Bio 600 fluid sand filter. They are also offering 25 AquaGro CO2 diffusers as runner-up prizes.


Tetra are a global leader in the aquarium market and make a wide range of products for freshwater, marine and pond fish. They say they invest more into research and development than anyone else in the entire aquarium industry.

Tetra are offering their first prize winner an EX2400 external filter; TetraPro colour food; AquaSafe; SafeStart; EasyBalance and 6-in-1 test strips " plus 25 runner-up prizes of a 250ml bottle of EasyBalance and a 47g pot of TetraPro Colour.

D-D The Aquarium Solution

D-D built their reputation as a supplier of specialist marine products from companies such as Deltec, Rowaphos and Geisemann, but now also produce a wide range of kit for the freshwater fishkeeper.

Their first prize winner will receive a 28 gallon Nano tank with 150w HQI lighting; a D-D RO50 reverse osmosis unit; a D-D freshwater CO2 unit and a 25kg bucket of H2Ocean salt. Twelve runners-up will each receive a pot of Rowaphos.


Rolf C Hagen are one of the biggest players in the pet and aquarium industry and produce a range of products for every fishkeeper " from aquariums to foods and water treatments.

Hagen s first prize winner will receive a Fluval Roma 200 aquarium and cabinet; Nutrafin Master test kit; Nutrafin Plant Gro; Nutrafin Waste Control; Nutrafin Bio Clear; Nutrafin Clear Fast; Nutrafin Max Spirulina Flakes; Nutrafin Max Brine Shrimp Flakes + Freeze Dried Shrimp.

The total prize fund amounts to 3,462.14

How to enter

To enter you'll need to be a registered member of the Practical Fishkeeping website (not just a forum user). Once you've registered, you can cast your vote by visiting the Readers' Poll 2009 voting pages here.