Pop-up aquarium makes a splash underground


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Earlier this month aquatics manufacturer Tetra teamed up with Aquatic Design Centre to create an exclusive underwater experience in London’s Old Street Underground Station. 

The Tetra Tranquillity Tank was a custom built serene aquatic pop-up experience, aimed at giving busy Londoners a relaxing retreat. 

Best known for their luxurious custom-made coral reef aquarium in the Sexy Fish restaurant on Berkeley Street, Aquatic Design Centre was brought on board to share over 25 years of experience in creating bespoke aquariums and installations to help transform the two front windows of the retail space.

Two aquariums measuring over 1,800mm high x 550mm wide, held 2,689 l of water and were home to 60 colourful African cichlids and a turtle in one window, with angelfish, rainbowfish, and Corydoras catfish very at home in a planted tank in the second window.  

Offering a complete sensory experience, over 3,000 visitors had the opportunity to unwind in relaxing seating whilst listening to therapeutic, underwater sounds in an environment that reflected the tranquillity of an aquarium, created by water projections, special effect lighting, plants and the scent of freshly brewed herbal tea.

Talking about the project, Aaron Mallet at Aquatic Design Centre said: “We were thrilled to be part of such an exciting project. The London Underground was the perfect place to create an area of tranquillity and we were really pleased by the response from the public. The tanks took a total of 11 days to build and three days to install and we couldn’t have been happier with how the final installation looks. We really hope that those who visited the Tetra Tranquillity Tank will go on to install an aquarium in their own home.” You can watch a time-lapse video showing the aquariums being installed at the foot of the page.

Tetra launched the Tetra Tranquillity Tank following research* which highlighted long working hours, not having enough time, money worries and the dreaded commute are among the most stressful things about living in a city.
Four in five (79.8%) Brit’s claim to be under pressure every day, and considering 24% of UK adults are clinically obese*, it’s hardly surprising to find that our favoured stress relief is comfort food and treats. Alcohol, smoking and boxset binging are all among the top stress relievers. Clearly stress has an impact on our overall health and wellbeing; lack of sleep (51%), feeling run down (45%) and general health (29%) are the top three things to suffer due to stress according to Tetra’s findings.

Giuliano Buccino, Head of Marketing at Tetra adds: “The Tetra Tranquillity Tank provided a relaxing environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life but also allowed us to showcase a range of our most popular aquariums filled with beautiful fish. We look forward to hearing from those visitors who were inspired to take up the hobby.”