Obituary: Arthur Marshall


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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the recent death of Arthur Marshall.

Arthur passed away suddenly late on Sunday 28th May 2006, whilst on his annual holiday to Weymouth with his wife Pam. Arthur was well known throughout the aquatic hobby, and will be fondly remembered for his passion for fish.

Arthur was involved with a number of aquatic societies during his time in the hobby including Basingstoke and District Aquarist Society, the Association of Aquarists, Southern Counties Catfish Rescue Society (SCCRS formerly Thames Valley Catfish), the Goldfish Society of Great Britain and South Park Aquatic Study Society (SPASS).

His love of coldwater fish will be remembered by many of us for years to come, especially his enthusiasm for Fancy Goldfish such as his Pearlscales and Orandas, as well as his love of the common goldfish and the shubunkin. In recent years Arthur was a lay member of the Goldfish Society and Chairman of both Basingstoke and SCCRS.

Arthur always had a story or two to tell on the way to the many fish shows that I had the pleasure to take him to.

I recall numerous conversations about his time spent serving with the Royal Air Forces and how he enjoyed meeting up with his comrades at fund raising events and on Remembrance Day parades.

His working career after leaving the RAF included working for the Post Office delivering the mail, and Lennox Industries in Basingstoke before he retired. I recall Arthur telling me about the time the Post Office was on strike, and he managed to make an income by breeding his fish such as Zebra danios and Dwarf cichlids.

As well as his passion for fish over the years Arthur has been actively involved with the Basingstoke Horticultural Society, his local Neighbourhood Watch and many years ago was involved with the Rabbit Fancy exhibiting his favourite Ermine Rex. Arthur was known to many affectionately as "Bunny Marshall" which I believe was around the time of his involvement with keeping rabbits. He recently rescued two rabbits and was very excited about keeping them again.

Arthur will be remembered as one of life's true gentlemen, always there to lend a hand and to offer advice to those in need of it. Arthur was born in Surrey near Cheam where he spent his childhood.

Arthur met Pam and they eventually married and moved to their bungalow in Basingstoke and had three sons Malcolm, Anthony (Tony) and Christopher (Chris). He will also be remembered as a true family man as he was immensely proud of his family especially his three sons who I know will miss him tremendously.

Arthur was very passionate about his football team Southampton aptly named the Saints, a category into which Arthur falls "a true saint" if ever there was one. On a personal note I will miss him for a number of reasons, but most importantly to me Arthur was my second Dad.

Rest in peace my dear friend Arthur.