New sump-based marine aquariums from Evolution Aqua


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EA's new sumps are available either as part of the eaReefPro aquarium package, or as a separate item for marine fishkeepers who already have a tank.

Evolution Aqua has announced an exciting new addition to its eaReef aquarium range - the new eaReefPro, which features an innovative new sump design with moveable baffle plates on two of the four chambers.

Evolution Aqua says: "Marine keepers will benefit from the same high quality aquariums and 16 contemporary cabinet finishes that are associated with eaReef, but now they can have a taller aquarium (60cm/24in high) with a new central glass weir box and rigid pipework. 

"The customer still has the flexibility to use their own equipment to make the most of the eaReefPro, but the new sump design offers even more flexibility thanks to the adjustable baffle plates. Each sump has four chambers, with the skimmer chamber and refugium reactor chamber incorporating baffles that can be moved up and down to alter the water height. The sumps also feature a unique macro algae comb."

Every eaReefPro sump is capable of housing large, high performance protein skimmers, pumps and other equipment, while also accommodating a suitably large built-in reservoir for all important top-up water.  

The three new eaProReef aquariums come in either 90 x 50 x 60cm with 12mm super white glass, 120 x 60 x 60cm with 12mm sides and 15mm super white glass on the front, and 150 x 60 x 60cm made from 15mm super white all round. All aquariums come with black backgrounds as standard.

Each aquarium is supplied with cabinets that are available in 16 colours, with soft close doors and they are fully assembled for quick and trouble free set up.

If you already have an existing reef aquarium and are looking to upgrade your sump, Evolution Aqua is also launching two stand-alone sumps with all the benefits of the eaReefPro sumps including the adjustable baffles. Available in a medium size at 50 x 38 x 40cm or there's a larger version at 80 x 38 x 40cm.