New species of tetra described


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Moenkhausia parecis.

A lovely new species of Moenkhausia tetra with blue eyes has been described from Brazil.

Moenkhausia parecis was discovered in the upper rio Machado, rio Madeira basin, Rondônia, Brazil.

The type locality of Moenkhausia parecis is located at 585 m above sea level on the Chapada dos Parecis, and is a clear water stream with a swift current and a substrate of sand and leaf litter. It was observed swimming in midwater is small groups of 10-15 individuals.

The specific name of parecis refers to the Chapada dos Parecis (plateau including the type locality), which is an important watershed that separates tributaries of three basins: rio Madeira, rio Tapajós and rio Paraguai. 

For more information see the paper: Willian M. Ohara and Manoela M F Marinho. 2016. A New Species of Moenkhausia Eigenmann (Characiformes: Characidae) from the upper rio Machado at Chapada dos Parecis, rio Madeira Basin, Brazil. Neotropical Ichthyology . 14(1); DOI: 10.1590/1982-0224-20150041