New species of Aspidoras catfish described


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Aspidoras kiriri.

A new species of Aspidoras catfish has been described from northeastern Brazil.

Aspidoras kiriri is known only from two headwater tributaries of rio da Dona, a small coastal drainage in eastern Bahia, Brazil. 

The new species measures around 3cm in length and was found living alongside Astyanax bimaculatus, Characidium sp., and Trichomycterus sp. in one location, in small streams, with water temperature around 21°C, 4.55pH and dissolved oxygen 7.3 mg/l. The other location was severely affected by human activity and almost dry, with the few specimens found there in mud-bottomed pools less than 10cm in depth.

Aspidoras kiriri is named after the Kiriri Indians who originally inhabited a broad area in eastern Brazil. Nowadays, they are restricted mainly to the municipality of Banzaê, in northern Bahia. 

For more information see the study, published in Neotropical Ichthyology: OLIVEIRA, Lívia M. A.; ZANATA, Angela M.; TENCATT, Luiz F. C.  and  BRITTO, Marcelo R.. A new species of Aspidoras (Siluriformes: Callichthyidae) from a small coastal drainage in northeastern Brazil.