New salt mix from Kent Marine


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A new marine salt mix has been launched onto the saltwater aquarium front by Kent Marine.

New Kent Marine Reef Salt is formulated using fine grain salt which is able to dissolve quickly getting the essential elements into solution which is essential in maintaining a healthy and vibrant aquarium.

Kent Marine tells us that only the purest ingredients are chosen for their exceptional stability and consistency. The major, minor and trace elements are blended by computer to ensure a uniform consistent blend in every batch.

The aim of the salt is to provide ideal healthy stable conditions for reef inhabitants in aquariums. Its high Calcium level of 570ppm and Magnesium level of 1450ppm ensure that the reef maintains high levels of these vital elements even when only partial water changes are carried out.

Kent Marine Reef Salt is available in four sizes (prices with VAT at 20% as of January 21, 2011)
Nano Pouch 1.36kg, making 37.8 l. RRP £8.19
Pouch 32.9kg, making 95 l. RRP £14.89
Jug 6.6kg, Making 190 l. RRP £25.59
Bucket 26.3kg, making 757 l. RRP £81.79