New Red Sea MAX nano aquarium


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 The new Red Sea MAX Nano aquarium. The new Red Sea MAX Nano aquarium.
The new Red Sea MAX Nano aquarium.

Red Sea has launched the new MAX Nano 75 l/17 gal plug and play reef system.

The ultra-clear glass cube aquarium is 45cm/20in and features AI’s Prime HD LED lighting with integrated Wi-Fi control, Reef-Spec filtration and circulation systems, an automatic top-off unit and an easy access power centre. 

The complete filtration system is hidden in the rear sump that is topped by a rotatable screen for easy access. Fed by a unique surface skimmer that directs the water to a bespoke micron filter bag, the rear sump houses a silenced Reef-Spec protein skimmer, a 960 lph circulation pump and 100g of Reef-Spec Carbon to keep the water crystal clear. The design of the rear sump together with the automatic top-off reservoir makes the Red Sea MAX Nano self-sufficient for about three days. 

Lighting is provided with the all-new 55W Prime HD LED. The full-spectrum, seven-colour channel LED unit is fully controllable via Wi-Fi and is attached to the aquarium using Red Sea’s custom lighting mount, which can be rotated to provide full access to the aquarium for reefscaping and maintenance.

An optional stylish marine-spec cabinet that follows the same contour as the glass is available in black and white, giving the complete unit a contemporary look and feel.

Key features of the MAX Nano: 

  • Rimless 8mm ultra-clear, beveled glass aquarium with rear sump
  • Reef-Spec Prime HD LED with built in Wi-Fi control
  • Reef-Spec filtration including professional protein skimmer, Eco circulation pumps and micron filter bag
  • Automatic top-off unit with built-in reservoir 
  • Integrated skimmer and circulation pump control unit for easy feeding and maintenance
  • Optional Marine-Spec cabinet.

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