New range of T5 lighting from Red Sea


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Red Sea has launched an enhanced line of T5 fluorescent lighting for reef aquaria.

The Reef-Spec range of German-made tubes consists of three precise colour spectrums (blue-white, actinic and pink) specifically developed to provide the lighting requirements of corals.

When used in the correct combination, Red Sea says that the new lighting not only promotes growth and coloration of even the most demanding of SPS corals species, but also creates a stunning view of the reef.

Available in the four standard lengths and HO outputs of 24w, 39w, 54w and 80w to suit all aquarium sizes, Red Sea’s new Reef-Spec T5 lighting is available in the following options:

BlueWhite 15000K

This special colour blend (60:40 ratio of 6000K and 22,000K) reproduces the natural lighting conditions of tropical reefs between 1m-20m depth.

Actinic 22000K
This special blue and Actinic spectrum mixture is ideal for maximising the fluorescent coloration of corals.

The unique spectrum of the Reef-Spec Pink enhances the red, pink and purple colours of SPS and LPS corals.

The new lighting will be available soon in the UK, with a MRRP starting at £18.95.

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