New product eliminates aquarium lighting restrictions


A UK company has launched what it says is the world's first universal fitting, four-tube, replacement T5 lighting unit: the iQuatics Aqualumi Universal T5 Lighting Bar.

Staffordshire-based iQuatics has been at the forefront of aquarium lighting design and manufacture for many years has made further strides in eliminating lighting restrictions for fish tank owners, with this groundbreaking new product, which allows fishkeepers to replace their current four-tube lighting bar or upgrade from two to four tubes, regardless of the make or model of the aquarium and without encroaching on space. 
Many modern, popular aquariums feature a central lighting system and access panels. The Aqualumi Universal can be used to replace practically any T5 or T8 lighting system. 
iQuatics tells us: "The first you notice about the product is the construction, which is truly first class. It’s sturdy, looks incredibly sleek with its double-anodised aluminium construction (no cheap plastic to be found here) and it should prove to be incredibly cost effective, with the durable aluminium coupled with IP67 water resistant connections provide years of trouble-free use. Another plus point is that the unit’s easy-to-use, low-maintenance design allows aquarium users to change bulbs without needing to remove the aquarium’s lighting pendant. 
"iQuatics has been leading the way in the development and manufacture of high-quality, innovative and no-nonsense aquarium lighting products for many years now. Formed by industry veterans in 2009, the ethos behind the company has always been to look for gaps in the aquarium accessory market where there is a dearth of quality and affordability, the two keystones of iQuatics’ ongoing success and rapid rise in a relatively crowded market." The company says that the Aqualumi Universal is just the latest example of its commitment to developing high-quality, British made products in response to customers’ frustrations with what is generally available on the market. 
"One of our driving principles is to raise the bar in areas where the current market leaders’ ranges are overpriced or under-performing and make improved products at a substantially lower price," said Andrew Latham, Director of iQuatics Ltd. "With the Universal product range, we’re endeavouring to bring an end to historic industry issues that have stifled aquarium owners’ ability to upgrade their lighting systems. We’ve developed and brought to market a cost effective, UK manufactured, problem-solver to serve as a genuine alternative to what is an otherwise stagnant market — something which most fishkeepers have experienced and been frustrated by at some point." 
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