New loach described from China


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Scientists have described a new species of homalopterid loach from Zhejiang in China.

Wang Huo-Gen, Fan Zhong-Yong and Chen Ying named the new species as Crossostoma fasciolatus in a paper in the current volume of Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica.

The paper, which is written in Chinese, says that the new loach species was discovered from Liguang Rivulet, part of the Feiyun River system in Tiashun County, Zhejiang and is closely related to Crossostoma davidi.

The authors state that Crossostoma fasciolatus differs from Crossostoma davidi by the following combination of features:

"18-22 bar anomalistic grey-brownish stripe on body sides; naked area in abdomen exceed to behind middle point between origin of pectoral to ventral fin; with unconspicuous brown spot on name; length of snout bigger than basilar length of dorsal fin."

The Crossostoma genus was erected by Sauvage in 1878 and contains seven other species.

According to Novak, Hanel and Rican (2006) the generic name Crossostoma is preoccupied by the name Crossostoma, after Morris and Lycett described it as a gastropod genus in 1851.

They recommend using the name Formosania for this group of loaches, which makes the new name Formosania fasciolatus.

For more information see the paper: Wang HG, Fan ZY and Y Chen (2006) - A new species of the genus Crossostoma from Zhejian, China (Cypriniformes, Homalopteridae, Gastromyzoninae). Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 31 (4); 902905. October 2006.