New LED aquarium lighting from Euroquatics


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Euroaquatics has launched two new aquarium lights onto the market, which allow you to change your lighting to the suit the mood and also benefit from a number of day-to-day lighting options to simulate that found on a range of coral reefs.

The new lights also feature built-in WiFi and Euronet and a single button interface.

Both the A1 and A1P Angel offer full-spectrum output (including true UV LEDs), over 40 distinct visual environments including one-touch moods, and a free mobile app for remote control anytime, anywhere (available for iOS and Android). The A1 and A1P also include dual-redundant thermal monitoring/control, multiple mounting options, and are equipped with upgradeable firmware.

Euroquatics says that what makes the Angels different from lighting options currently available to aquarists are their 'Preset Moods' and 'Preset Programs,' both of which enable hobbyists to enhance the beauty of their corals.

Preset Moods can be accessed directly from the mobile app without any programming needed. So, no matter what the occasion, users are able to choose the mood, set the timer and walk away.
A few of these preset moods to choose from include:
Dinner party: Creates a bright and cool ambience.
Spa retreat: Soft and cool ambiance that creates a calming atmosphere.
Romance: Warm ambience with lots of RB/B/V.
Full moon: Luminous to replicate nature’s own full moon.

Up to 15 additional moods are available to capture the ambiance that best suits their needs and aesthetic.

Preset Programs can also be accessed directly from the mobile app without any programming. These are the day-to-day lighting options that aquarists can select for their tanks.
A few of the preset programs available include:
Fiji Sunset: A warm feel with a long, relaxing sunset. The program runs from 7am-9pm.
Hawaiian Honeymoon: A very bright, full day lighting ambiance option that runs from 7am-5pm, complete with sunrise and sunset and soft moon glow overnight.
Caribbean Vacation: A balanced bright day with a 7am sunrise and sunset that begins around 5pm.

As with the moods, users are able to customise up to 15 additional programs to best suit the needs of their tanks and livestock.

The A1 offers 95W of output from 26 premium LEDs and is ideal for shallow tanks of up to 50cm/20in.

The A1P offers 150W from 42 premium LEDs and is suited for tanks with a depth of 45cm/18in or more.

PFK has recently received the A1P for review — look out for the results in a forthcoming issue.

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