New green water treatment from Swell UK


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One of the UK's leading online aquatic retailers, Swell UK, has launched a new product for controlling green water in garden ponds.

Swell Control Green Water contains a mixture of beneficial bacteria that can help reduce the levels of nutrients which encourage nuisance algae to grow and turn pond water green.

The special blend of bacteria in the product help reduce nitrate and phosphate, aid the break-down of bottom sludge and odours and make the water less murky.

Control Green Water also contains pulverised barley straw, which has been shown to further inhibit algae growth.

Control Green Water is designed for easy dosing and comes in handy 28g water soluble sachets containing enough bacteria to treat around 4546 l/1000 gal. of pond water.

When a sachet is dropped into an area of gently flowing water, such as within a pond filter or near a pond pump, the bacteria get to work. Weekly dosing during spring, summer and autumn helps continue to momentum and keeps the pond water clearer.

Control Green Water comes in two sizes: the 12 sachet pack provides enough to treat 12,000 gal., which is sufficient to treat a 1000 gal. pond for three months.

The 24 sachet pack treats 24,000 gal., which is enough to treat a 1000 gal. pond for six months.

The product is completely harmless and it is quite safe to add a whole sachet to smaller ponds or several sachets to a larger pond.

Price: 12 sachet pack £13.99; 24 sachet pack £25.99.

Swell Control Green Water is available exclusively via Swell UK's website, but retail and wholesale enquiries are welcome.