New fancy goldfish specialist opens in East Anglia


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English Bred Fancy Goldfish (or EBFG) is a new fancy goldfish breeding business in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth.

Managing Director and fancy goldfish breeder Mark Brumell has decided to take the plunge and turn his passion of fancy goldfish breeding into a business.

Mark has been breeding fish for most of his life so is no stranger to knowing what it takes to produce quality fancy goldfish, in fact he is a member of the Goldfish Society of Great Britain (GSGB).

Mark has been showcasing his fish in the annual GSGB Open Show now for the last two years and his fish are more than up to the standard set by them. Last year he came first in the Breeders 4 Calico Veiltails and it is this triumph that has inspired him to make a living through breeding fancy goldfish.

As the name suggests all the fish bred by EBFG are produced in England and not imported from abroad and therefore have a number of advantages.

According to Mark: "...the fish bred by myself are used to the weather and water conditions in this country and only the very best fish are grown on, unlike foreign importers who will grow on fish even if they are of lesser quality.

"If wholesale and trade customers were to order from myself as opposed to importing from abroad they wouldn't have to make such large orders of fish, significantly cutting the risk of endangering the fish from things such as bad water conditions and reducing the time that has to be allowed for quarantine".

English Bred Fancy Goldfish is actually quite a sophisticated operation. Spawning begins in a dedicated fish house and as soon as they are ready the young fish are transported to one of three polytunnels in Mark's back garden where they grow, develop and mature, before being transferred to the showroom.

The varieties include Bristol Shubunkins, calico Orandas, calico Veiltails, metallic Orandas with veiltails, metallic Veiltails and Ranchu.

If you are interested in any aspect of fish breeding and would like to come and see for yourself what Mark has been up to and buy some of the fish on offer, then you can arrange a visit to see Mark by appointment on 01493 718650.

English Bred Fancy Goldfish is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm and Sundays 10:00am - 4:00pm.

PFK recently visited English Bred Fancy Goldfish and you can find out more about Mark's set up in the September issue, on sale August 3.

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