New Deltec skimmers from D-D The Aquarium Solution


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David Saxby's company, D-D The Aquarium Solution, has brought a new range of skimmers from Deltec to the UK.

"Deltec have gone back to the drawing board in developing their new range of professional skimmers for larger aquarium systems and for people who demand the highest performance for their aquarium." Say D-D.

"Deltec have once again raised the bar to produce the highest volume of air for the lowest amount of energy."

"In simple terms a skimmer works by introducing high levels of air bubbles through a body of water containing waste materials."

"The waste and proteins are attracted to the air water interface and flow upwards towards the surface where they can be collected."

"The larger volume of air and smaller bubbles produced by the new skimmer pump design equate to a larger air to water surface area that is available to attract the proteins, this results in a more efficient the skimmer."

The latest generation

"For the latest generation of protein skimmers Deltec have developed their own design of pump and spent months developing the highest amount of air for the lowest possible power consumption."

"This has allowed Deltec to set new standards in efficiency and to illustrate the difference they have introduced a new terminology, E-T-A Ratio (energy to air ratio), to allow comparison of Deltec products against others."

"The new products have E-T-A Ratios of up to 60 to 1 and even the smaller TC2060 will produce up to 1300 lts of air per hour whilst using only 22W of power."

"Compare this with the current Deltec modified Eheim pumps, (already renowned for their performance), which only produce 600 lts of air for 36W of power and you will understand why we are so excited."

"Deltec GMBH are the largest skimmer manufacturer in Germany with over twenty different skimmer models to cover the full range of aquarium sizes and installations."