New Aquatics Live show is not to be missed!


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Fishkeepers are in for a treat this November as a new major aquatics exhibition is happening in the UK.

Based at London’s Olympia, Aquatics Live 2011 is the first of its kind in the UK, combining expert seminars and live demonstrations with major manufacturers and leading British retailers.

"An event such as this is long overdue," said Jeremy Gay, Practical Fishkeeping Editor. "For once us fishkeepers get to meet world famous experts face to face, talk to manufacturers direct and buy great value goodies at the same time. I can’t wait."

Large consumer aquatics events are common in Europe, regularly attracting tens of thousands of keen fishkeepers, yet in the UK, such events have faded away, with the few that are left having dwindling numbers.

Aquatics Live aims to buck this trend by holding the event in a well-known venue and bringing major visitor attractions for new and non-fishkeepers including sharks, crocodiles and live aquascaping demonstrations and competitions.

But die hard fishkeepers are well catered for too, with world experts on hand, including Heiko Bleher, the most famous aquatic explorer there is, and Chris Lukhaup, the freshwater shrimp and nano aquarium expert.

Clubs and societies are also invited to attend, with UKAPS members providing design and technical tips to green fingered aquarium owners.

The event takes part on November 19-20. Special ticket offers are available at Aquatics Live Facebook and Twitter pages.

For more information, contact Aquatics Live, 24e Little Russell Street, London, WC1A 2HS, +44 07430 2500, [email protected]