New aquascaping competition is open to all levels


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How do you rate your aquascaping skills? The PlantedTanks aquascaping competition offers both novices and professionals the chance to show off their talents. And there are some great prizes up for grabs.

The competition is open to anyone who has an aquarium – pico, nano, medium or large. It is also open to both complete novice or a professional aquascaper and to support this the competition has a level playing field.

All entrants will have a common theme to design to. It is however down to the individual to convey this theme in their design and to be able to demonstrate this with confidence.

Each entry will be judged on the following criteria with the weighting being in favour of the conveyance of the theme:

Selection of Plants (15 points maximum).
Composition (40 points maximum).
Hardscape use (15 points maximum).
Maintenance (15 points maximum).
Peer review (15 points maximum).
Judges comments (will be fed back to the entrant).
This is probably the only competition to allow a peer review to change the overall decision of the judging panel! 

All entrants are required to register and vote on the forum, for the judging phase of the competition. The competition is free to enter. The prizes, like the competition, are aimed at the whole spectrum of the entrant skill levels.

Prizes are designed to supplement a professional tool kit or kick start a novice by providing the expensive must haves. They include a first prize of a Dupla MultiControl unit pn80262 with a value of £380.00, second prize of a Dupla Reverse Osmosis System RO 190, value £180 and a third prize of a PlantedTanks stainless steel tool set, value £100.