Musical goldfish plays along with Barbra Streisand


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A goldfish in the USA has amazed the public and the tabloids with its ability to play music.

The Ryukin goldfish called Jor Jor has been trained by its owner Diane Rains from Wisconsin, USA to play notes, chords and four part harmonies on a set of bells suspended above the tank alongside music by Barbra Streisand.

Mrs Rains trained Jor Jor using positive reinforcement - rewarding the fish with food every time it performs the required behaviour.

Mrs Rains is quoted in The Sun saying: "Jor Jor is trained every day, but she also has access to her instruments at other times and she plays whenever she feels the urge.

"She is certainly is a unique musician. She likes to listen closely until a particular moment inspires her to contribute. At precisely the right time, she will play her bells or chimes for a few seconds only, then swim off satisfied.

"I haven't figured out how she decides when her help is needed. She does particularly like the notes F and D, so perhaps she listens for those."

Jor Jor’s favourite to play along with is apparently Streisand’s rendition of ‘Moon River’ and her owner is apparently considering putting a CD together of Jor Jor’s musical prowess.

Hobbyists have been querying whether this behaviour is in actual fact ‘music’ at all or simply a pavlovian response for food. On the PFK forum ‘Tomdotcom247’ points out:

"They need to re-write the title as 'Hungry fish makes noise'"

And Hannah (Orandagirl ) reiterates:

"Fish don’t have ears. She thinks the string is food so therefore tugs it. The video just shows her tugging the string, I’d be impressed if there was music being played in the video and the fish plays along".