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The May 2009 issue of Practical Fishkeeping is on sale now.

Focus on mbuna: Easy to keep, Malawi cichlids are fun fish that try to trick you into overfeeding them. Mary Bailey explains more. The incredible lake: When Jeremy Gay spent two weeks with the Marine Conservation Society in Sri Lanka he experienced his own unforgettable journey of discovery. Special cases: Although popular oddballs, dwarf puffers are finicky about diet and maintenance. They aren't community fish either so set up an exclusive tank if you want some, warns Neale Monks. Your Tanks: We take an in-depth look at Glen Gardiner's awesome reef set-up. Subscribe: Get a free Nutrafin Mini Master test kit and accessories worth over 43 when you subscribe to PFK.

Shoptour: We visit three shops in Hampshire, including Arundel Avaries and Fisheries, Eastbourne Aquarium Centre and Maidenhead Aquatics @ Southampton. Atlantis discovered: Les Holliday looks at what could be the world's greatest reef tank at Atlantis Marine World in New York. Luxury of a liner: Last month, Keith Holmes stressed the importance of forward planning when considering a pond. Now it's time to get your hands dirty.

My seven heaven: What fish truly earn classic status? Phil Hunt explains his choices of all-time favourites. Gear Guide Extras: 13 pages of advice on buying extras for your aquariums, including circulation pumps, protein skimmers and RO units. Tried and Tested: News, views and opinions on the latest fishkeeping gadgets. News: The latest news and expert analysis from the world of fishkeeping, including an in-depth look at sustainability in the ornamental aquarium fish trade by Nicolette Craig. Ask our experts: Tips, advice and the answers to your questions, plus a glossary of fishkeeping terms.

Great planted tanks: George Farmer's series has been running for one year. He reflects on those featured tanks and makes key observations and comparisons. Get into fishkeeping: Buy in haste, repent at leisure - and that includes fish. Neale Monks advises how to research the needs of prospective purchases before getting your wallet out. Replica the real deal: Dan Crawford tries his hand at aquascaping with artificial rocks. 50 golden years: Jeremy Gay meets a reader celebrating a remarkable milestone as a fishkeeper, breeder and show judge.

Stuff you need to know about Yellow dwarf cichlids: It is a case of many happy returns for John Rundle as he is reunited with Apistogramma borellii. Mission complete: Heiko Bleher takes historic fish drawings to guide him to the fish on a remote Indonesian island - and finds his paradise. Lost for words: Stefan van der Voort looks at Betta simorum. Cleaning up their acts: More than 40 species of shrimp have been seen cleaning fish. Dr Peter Wirtz identifies some of these diligent busybodies.

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