Man finds school of fish living in his swimming pool!


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A man from New Jersey has discovered fish in his swimming pool, thought to have arrived there with floodwaters caused by hurricane Sandy.

Robert Castellano's pool is located in the back yard of his Belmar home. His yard was flooded with around 90cm/3' of water during the storm last October.

However, his in-ground pool was covered for the winter and Castellano says he can't see how the fish would have managed to get inside it.

"When the water was on top of the pool, it may have lifted the edges. Some are so small, they may have been just eggs. Or born in here," he told the Asbury Park Press.

He was shocked to discover the 15 fish, which he believes to be minnows, when he removed the cover from his 20 x 12' swimming pool earlier this month. The fish are around 2.5-10cm/1-4" in length.

The pool has been closed up since September last year, when chlorine treatments were added for the winter period.

"I don't know what they've been eating, probably the algae. To survive in this water they have to have one heck of a will to live," Castellano said.

His home is situated about a block away from Silver Lake, which burst its banks as a result of the superstorm. Castellano thinks this might be where the fish came from originally. He says he's intending to catch the minnows and return them to the lake.

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