Man burns eyes after using wrong aquarium lighting


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A fishkeeper from West Sussex suffered eye damage after fitting a pond UV lamp to his tank by mistake.

The man from Haywards Heath didn't read the instructions on the bulb, which was unsuitable for use indoors. When his eyes started to hurt he discovered he had burned his corneas due to the excessive UV rays. Luckily, the damage has not been permanent.

The lamp was reportedly bought from a store which had them displayed next to the 'aquarium' section of the shop.

The incident was investigated by West Sussex Trading Standards, who found that despite the clear instructions provided on how to use the lamp, the fishkeeper hadn't read them.

Lionel Barnard, West Sussex County Council Cabinet member who oversees Trading Standards, said: "Unfortunately the bulb fitted perfectly into the aquarium lamp socket and later in the day the owner noticed some of the fish in the tank were dying.

"Many people don’t like reading instructions and safety warnings, but it’s always a good idea – and one that can prevent injury or even death."

Trading Standards staff are writing to aquatic retailers alerting them to the incident and asking them not to display pond filter UV bulbs next to lamps designed for aquarium use.

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