Largest aquatic store in Wales opens at Garden Village


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Maidenhead Aquatics has opened its new 10,000 square foot retail building at Pugh's Garden Village in Morganstown, Cardiff. The new aquatic store is thought to be the largest of its kind in Wales.

Maidenhead Aquatics has had a presence at Pugh’s Garden Village since 1997 and now following extensive redevelopment works, it has relocated to its new purpose-built building within a different area of the garden village.

The centrepiece of the new fish area completed in December last year, is a truly oceanic display tank measuring 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.9m/10.5' x 10.5' x 3' and holding in excess of 9500 l/2,000 gal., making it the largest marine display tank in any retail store and proving to be a breathtaking spectacle.

Marines are something of a speciality here and great care is taken to aid customers in the selection of appropriate specimens for their aquarium, but in reflection of recent trends, most fishes offered are suitable for the home mini-reef and more aggressive or destructive fish may be supplied to order.

There is also an extensive and well-stocked fish house catering for many areas of the hobby with both familiar and unusual community species displayed alongside a good range of African and neotropical cichlids including Discus and dwarf cichlids. L number plecs, brackish fish and oddballs are also well represented.

For the aquarium plant aficionado a wide range of choice species and cultivars is to be found.

A large dedicated system houses a varied selection of fancy goldfish.

Outdoor fish are housed in the pond section where separate systems contain high-grade Koi from proven KHV and SVC free sources. These range from modestly priced UK young stock to select Japanese fish for the more discerning enthusiast.

A very good selection of watergardening and aquarium accessories is held in stock, including everything needed for projects both indoors and out on any scale.

A varied choice of tanks and cabinets is available and home delivery can usually be arranged on these and other bulky items.

Maidenhead Aquatics@Cardiff is located at Pughs Garden Centre, Morganstown Rd, Morganstown, Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF15 8LB. Tel. 02920 842666.