Laguna Powerclean Cordless Pond Cleaner from Rolf C Hagen


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Rolf C Hagen have added a cordless pond cleaner to their range of pond products.

"Laguna Powerclean’s cordless design gives you the freedom to move around your pond at will without resorting to awkward and potentially dangerous extension leads," say Hagen.

"The telescopic handle extends up to 2.3m so every nook and cranny will suddenly become easily accessible."

"A powerful 18.5V battery provides over 30 minutes of continuous cleaning time and will fully re-charge in the included charging dock in under 4 hours."

The Power to Clean

The Powerclean is said to employ a unique 3 stage process to eliminate sludge, leaves and blanketweed.

1. The brush attachment loosens caked on debris.

2. Rotating blades effectively chop and break up weeds and leaves allowing the powerful motor to easily such them through the waste tube.

3. The water passes through the included fine mesh bag which traps all debris for a sparkling clean pond.

Cleaned, nitrate rich water can be routed back into the pond or onto garden plants to act as an effective fertiliser and collected waste can be used as an eco-friendly compost.

Safe and Easy to Use

"A light weight design, one finger lockable trigger mechanism and load bearing shoulder strap (included) makes the Powerclean easy for anyone to use, from teens to OAP’s!"

"The chopping blades are safely hidden behind protective bars and the low voltage system ensures it is completely safe for use in aquatic environments."

The Laguna Powerclean Cordless Pond Cleaner will be available from aquatic stores and garden centres during spring 2010.