Jumbo Redcap ranchu flies in for Star Fisheries open day


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Goldfish specialist Star Fisheries is opening up for the public on January 27. One of the big attractions at the open day is bound to be a jumbo Redcap ranchu named Henrietta.

Along with Henrietta, there will also be other fancy goldfish in jumbo sizes, Black ranchu and Black orandas.

Japanese goldfish offered include Osaka ranchu (pictured above) - an ancient variety which virtually disappeared completely - Tosakin and Tsugaru Nishiki, a very rare variety which is unlikely to have come to the UK before.

Previous to Star securing a Japanese goldfish supplier, the above varieties were only available through specialist clubs.

If British goldfish varieties are your thing both Bristol and London shubunkins will be on sale on the day, so pick them up and then you could be spawning them this spring.

The open day is on Sunday, January 27 from 10.00am-3.00pm.

Star Fisheries is at 94A Benhill Road, Sutton, Surrey SM1 3RX.

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