JBL launches Cooler and CoolControl


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Perfectly timed to coincide with the warm weather, food and equipment manufacturer JBL launches some kit that will cool your tank.

The Cooler is a bank of fans which mount directly onto the rim of your tank and blow cool air across the surface of the water.

They are available as the 100 (with two fans), 200 (four fans), and the 300 (with six fans) and JBL says that according to its own tests, cooling effects of of up to 4°C are possible.

The JBL CoolControl is a temperature sensor and thermostat, which connects up to the Cooler fans and automatically switches them on when aquarium water temperature goes over what you set the stat to.

We have seen tank mounted fans before but do welcome them as a low running cost option for cooling your tank. The CoolControl is a nice touch too, bringing intelligent cooling to the mass market.

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