Japanese ranchu show at Heritage aquatics this weekend


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Saturday 1st October 2011 sees the second annual Ranchu Brotherhood UK show take place at Heritage Farm Nurseries, Wallington Surrey.

Ranchu are the most highly prized goldfish variety in Japan, with small groups of avid hobbyists keeping and appreciating these exclusive goldfish in other parts of the world.

Japanese ranchu are cultured in shallow ponds and treated to the best food and water quality, and breeding, resulting in large, healthy fish of the highest quality.

To keep and breed ranchu from true Japanese bloodlines is the ultimate challenge for many western goldfish officionados, and once a year the best fish compete against each other in an annual show.


The Ranchu Brotherhood was started by Belgian ranchu expert Geert Coppens, with the newer UK section growing in number of members, quality and quantity of fish.

On display on saturday will be the best of the english fish from famous bloodlines such as Kashino and Takao, displayed and competing in categories divided by the age of the fish.

Heritage Aquatics is the perfect venue for the event, combining ample parking with coffee shop and restaurant, reptiles, tropicals, marines and pets.

If you are into fancy goldfish, fishkeeping or all things japanese, pop along to the event and have a  look for yourself.


HERITAGE FARM NURSERIES is situated at 38, Telegraph Track, Little Woodcote Estate,Wallington SM6 0SH, 020 8669 7845