It's raining crabs...


It's raining crabs...


A woman from Dartford in Kent was shocked to see more than a dozen crabs fall from the sky into her garden during a freak rain storm.

According to This is Local London, Kate Walker was doing a spot of gardening in the rain when she was hit by a falling crab.

When she looked up, she saw dozens of the crustaceans falling from the sky.

Miss Walker put 19 of the crabs in a neighbours pond (we hope they get removed soon, as they're not likely to live long, being a marine species) but kept a 20th to show her friends.

She told This is London Local: "They think I'm mad, I thought it was something out of the X-Files. The crabs were covered in sand.

Where have they come from? I've heard of fish falling from the sky but this is ridiculous. They could have also come from the salty end of the Thames."

Last month PFK reported that fish had fallen from the sky during a similar storm in Shropshire.