Interzoo: Juwel to introduce new products


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Juwel is to introduce a new filter into its existing range of aquariums later this year, and is launching a new range of Rekord aquariums.

The new filters, which are to be called the Bioflow 3 and Bioflow 6, will be fitted as standard to Juwel aquariums following their official UK launch in July 2008.

The filters now incorporate an additional box containing a sintered glass biological filter media, which represents a departure from the previous sponge-based media design.

The new filters are deeper and wider than the previous versions, which allows the removal of the biological media box without the need to undertake the fiddly task of removing the pump.

The current range of Rekord aquariums is due to become obsolete and is being replaced by a new line up of Rekord models featuring three systems, the Rekord 600, Rekord 800 and Rekord 1000.

The new Rekord aquariums feature a redesigned hood, with a new lift up flap in the centre to allow easier access to the inside of the tank, as well as a new slot to take an automatic feeder. They also come with Juwel's re-designed Bioflow filter.

The Rekord 600 will come with a single tube, but the forthcoming Rekord 800 and 1000 will feature twin lighting.

The Rekord 600 is to launch in July, the Rekord 800 will launch in September and the Rekord 1000 will launch in January 2009. The Rekord 120 will remain on sale until the end of 2008, when Juwel plans to introduce three new models.

Juwel has also released a new T5 Colour-Lite fluorescent bulb, which it says is similar in spectrum to the old-fashioned Gro-Lux tube.