Interpet joins LED lighting market


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If you want to be taken seriously in the LED lighting market you need a serious new name. Say hello to the new Interpet 14.25" LED Pro Specialist Light Bar.

Had enough of LED lighting? Well tough, because more is on the way, and this time from Interpet.

"Fishkeepers can now enhance their enjoyment of their aquariums with the launch of LED Pro Specialist Light Bars from Aquatics specialist, Interpet," says the official blurb.

"The 14.25” LED Pro Specialist Lighting Bar comes in two formats: 'White Daylight' to enhance aquarium viewing and 'Blue Moonlight' to extend how long you can enjoy looking at your fish in the evening.

"The addition of a ripple effect which creates an attractive surface water movement ensures the lighting bars create the ultimate viewing experience for both freshwater and marine aquariums.

 "Using LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) means the new lighting bars are a low energy solution, as well as being extremely simple to install. Being fully waterproof also means they are completely submersible."

Lucy Harrison, Brand Manager for Interpet explains: "With our 50 years of experience we are able to quickly identify what is important to aquarium owners today.

"Offering a simple to install lighting solution that is energy efficient was an important addition to our Interpet range. We’re also mindful that fishkeepers want to maximise their enjoyment of their aquarium, whilst supporting their fish’s tranquil environment – reflected in the added ripple effect of this new lighting bar."

The 14.25" LED Pro Specialist Lighting Bars are available immediately with an RRP of £24.99.

What we think

As it's now May 2013, we don't think Interpet were that quick in identifying LED lighting in the aquarium market, and the 14.25" is a bit of a weird, one-size-fits-all size. No actual wattage was stated in the initial press release, but we doubt it will be very high, and being completely submersible is a plus point both in terms of flexibility of fitting and safety.

At £25 RRP, that is a pretty low cost per unit, although without looking at it, you would probably need at least two white and two blue units to light a basic 3' marine tank, if not more.

It's worth pointing out at the time of writing, that we haven't actually touched or tested these new lights yet, but we will be, so will reserve proper judgement until then.

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