Instant pond in a box - just add water!


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New from SICCE is the Happy Pond kit - a flexible, pre-formed pond that's easy to stock, easy to transport, easy to assemble, and install.

Up until now, installing a pond has been a choice between a rigid preformed pond and a pond liner. Rigid ponds are bulky items, difficult for the retailer to display as they take up a lot of space, and difficult to transport and handle given their size; pond liners can be a nightmare for some people because of the mathematics involved in calculating the size of a two-dimensional liner required for a three-dimensional pond.

The Happy Pond kit from SICCE makes things easier. They are compact, so are easy to transport home and easy for the retailer to store.

Each Happy Pond kit includes all the components required to install your pond. Five sizes are available, ranging from 120 l. (around 92 x 66 x 30cm deep) up to 680 l. (around 178 x 147 x 61 cm deep).


All sizes include a SICCE Syncra Pond pump, complete with fountain accessories/nozzles.

The smallest size consists of just the pond shell along with the pump package, sizes 2 and 3 are larger and also include a cascade with all the necessary pipework, while the  two largest sizes include both a cascade and a submersible light with three coloured lenses.

SICCE is distributed in the UK by Midland Reefs Ltd. 

Price: TBA