Inspirational aquariums: Zebra plec breeding set-up


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Why not have a go at breeding these much sought-after suckermouth catfish? This is the kind of set-up you'll need...

Since export restrictions were placed on the Zebra plec, L46, hobbyists have had to breed their own. Some of them have got very good at it and made quite a lot of money to boot.

These are much more territorial and scrappy fish than you might think, and a colony of Zebra plecs need lots of hiding places, excellent water quality and good flow, such as that provided in this set-up.

What you will need

120 x 60 x 60cm/48 x 24 x 24” tank, hood and cabinet £600

T8 lighting and controller £35

External filter(s) £150

Substrate £25

Décor £50

Heater £20

Test kits £20

RO water £60

Total: Expect to pay around £960


Because these fish are so stroppy — and males in particular — it’s essential to provide them with far more caves and other hiding places than you think you’ll need to ensure they have plenty of choice. You’ll need far more caves than fish to avoid the possibility of fatalities.

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