Inspirational aquariums: Nano on a budget


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Strapped for cash and stuck for space? We price up a small tank that won't break the bank.

We know only too well how fishkeepers can easily feel the financial pinch, so we priced up this very attractive 30 x 30cm/12 x 12” cube aquarium.

These small sized nanos are abundant in the marketplace and you will get the best value by buying the aquarium, filter and light as part of a single package.

Some of the deals available may even include heater, water conditioners and more — and by buying cheaper plants and décor a smart shopper could probably get the overall price down to around £100.

Interestingly, when you price up everything the initial cost of around £50 for the tank itself is effectively trebled, even with a group of small, inexpensive fish like the guppies featured in this set-up.

However, running costs are remarkably low in terms of powering this tank, as even with the heater coming on for 12 out of 24 hours per day and the light for ten out of 24 hours, we calculate yearly running costs for this set-up of just £7.29!

Costs at a glance

Tank: 30cm cube, 25 l/5.5 gal capacity with internal filter and lighting — £49.99

Heater: 25w — £16.99

Substrate: 2.5 kilos — £3.99

Décor: Replica wood — £10

Plants: Six pots— £21

Fish: Six guppies — £10

Fish food: £3

Water conditioner: £3

Test kit: £12.99

Thermometer: £2.99

Total: £133.95

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