Inspirational aquariums: Iwagumi option two


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Iwagumis are becoming one of the most popular styles of aquascaped tanks. This one is a bit different, though, as it does not have the usual full carpet of low-growing plants.

The topiary-influenced stem plants behind the main rock make a refreshing change to what we come to expect from an Iwagumi creation.

The open sand area in the foreground helps add a sense of depth. The patches of Hemianthus lawn leading up to the Pogostemon helferi blend well and cover the rock bases, resulting in a more natural appearance.  

A single shoal of White Cloud Mountain minnows really suit the aquascape and the tank is not heated.  The plants are pruned weekly to maintain a clean appearance.

What you will need

60 x 36 x 30cm/24 x 15 x 12” tank and cabinet £200

Two fluorescent 24w T5 luminaires  £100

External filter and glassware £100

Pressurised CO2 system £100

Heater £20

Substrate £20

Liquid fertilisers £10

Décor  £50

Plants  £100

Total: Expect to pay £700

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