Inspirational aquariums: Euro modernism!


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This planted tank will appeal to the enthusiast with a lot of space and a large wallet!

The tank has great depth, so the aquascaper can try out a large variety of plant species.  

The neat groups of plants, combined with lush carpet of Hairgrass, symbolise the modern European design. The hanging metal halide and T5 fluorescents provide intense lighting capable of growing the most demanding species, keeping them very compact.  

The tank also has auto-top up, sump and computer-controlled liquid fertiliser and CO2 dosing, making it relatively expensive to buy and run but the end results are truly magnificent!

What you will need

150 x 45 x 70cm/60 x 18 x 28” tank, cabinet, sump and computer £1,500

Two 150w metal halides and eight 24w T5 pendants  £1,200

Pressurised CO2 system and pH controller £400

Heater £20

Substrate £200

Liquid fertilisers and dosing sump £150

Décor £30

Plants £250

Total: Expect to pay £3,750

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